Some words on collateral

Collateral is a term I first learned when we attended Mindbody University in March of 2008.  Essentially, collateral refers to any materials you use, typically brochures/postcards/flyers/mailers, etc, to promote your business.  At MBU they highlighted the use of the postcard…something that we have been using quite successfully since. 

 We use and will typically print 1 or 2 different postcards per month, depending on what we have going on.  We use postcards to highlight upcoming On Ramp classes and upcoming Open Houses, Workshops, etc.  GotPrint is affordable, easy to use (especially if you have someone to do the design for you and they give you the file as an eps file) and nice because you can print in small quantities if you wish.  We typically print 250-500 of each postcard.

Now mind you, we don’t use them to do direct mail.

Instead we:

·      Give the postcards to clients and ask them to give them to friends/family/coworkers

·      Give the postcards to chiropractors and other professionals (who are clients) and they keep them on display in their offices and give them to their patients/clients.

·      Give them to prospective clients that walk in off the street (it’s nice to have something concrete to put in their hands).

·      Give them to our teacher clients to put in the staff room.

·      Take them to Le Tip and give them to the other members of the group.

You get the point!

I recently received an email from Todd from CrossFit LifeSport asking about flyers and how to choose images to market the message of CrossFit. I think this is an important question, because many of your best clients are going to be those who initially might be intimidated by images that you and I are excited about.  They will be excited about them as well…in time.  In the meantime however, we’ve found it’s easier to get folks in the door with less burly images (Think FUN! And Smiles!) If it’s an action shot try to find one that is low on the intimidation scale. 

Now I know some of you are thinking ”we don’t want a lot of pussies in our gym…I want to attract hard core clients.”  If that’s the case, by all means do whatever you want to do. It’s just been our experience that “hard core” typically means broke ass student or unemployed bachelor.

All of our clients are “hard core”…now.  They didn’t think of themselves that way when they started however. Oh, and most of these “hard core” clients are women who could kick the ass of any of the so-called “hard core” men you might be trying to attract to your box.  Which brings up another question:  Would you rather have a gym full of “hard core” women or “hard core” men?  Answer:  The women, cuz they talk more and have more friends! Oh yeah…and we’re easier on the eyes!

Here are a couple of examples of postcards we have used:










WWLTHW #1 (What We’ve Learned The Hard Way)

You definitely don’t want to scare folks away by featuring shirtless dudes doing overhead squats with a boatload of weight!  Seriously, some of the first flyers we made featured Robb sans shirt doing OHS…not super effective!  In fact the first version of our website featured Robb without his shirt doing OHS, rope climb and pullups!  I’m going to drum up a collection of some of our failed marketing efforts for a future post…it will be comic relief if nothing else!  How I love hindsight.


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18 Responses to Some words on collateral

  1. Robb Wolf says:

    Yea! First comment! Great job babe!

  2. Karianne says:

    Thank you so much for this blog!! What an amazing resource for affiliates.
    Much appreciated

  3. Mary says:

    Nikki – Awesome 2nd post. I’ll add your blog to my list to follow. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned the hard way!

  4. StephenH says:

    Followed the link from Robb’s blog. Looks like another keeper on the RSS reader.

    Looking forward to following your blog.


  5. Jason B says:


    It was great meeting you and Robb at the affiliate gathering.

    I am looking forward to joining in here on a regular basis. I know I could learn a lot from you guys and I just love your style!

    Anyway, congrats on getting this going. I’m telling everyone I know.

    Thank you.

  6. Brian PCF says:

    Nicki, great idea for a blog! Very little of this type of info out there. So I’m subscribed and I’m looking forward to reading what you’ve got to say.

    WRT mailers, postcards, etc, we haven’t done any (yet). We have an 8 1/2 x 11 flyer that we have at the front of the box that we hand to drop-ins, usually with a copy of “What is Fitness?”.

  7. RP says:

    Nicki, Greetings from the KC :) Blog looks great, Congrats !! Already added to my daily blog rota. Take Care, RP

  8. John says:

    Nikki, thanks for sharing your experiences with the rest of us. I liked the part about having non-threatening pictures to share. I get excited about 1 arm clean&jerks and I have to remember that your average person doesn’t think that’s even a remote possibility nor do they realize that I’m only using 5lb technique plates.

  9. Joe Venuti says:

    You make a lot of great points here Nicki. I’m looking forward to your next post!

  10. Anton Emery says:

    Nice blog! I am looking forward to reading and learning alot.



  11. Ben Kelly says:

    Great site and idea to throw out your knowledge to the masses.
    I am still in the negotiation stage for my new box(I am so anxious to move)but I will soak up every bit of info you put out until then.
    It was great seeing you very briefly at FilFest and look forward to seeing you guys late March.

  12. Zach @ CFLV says:

    Awesome blog, Nicki!

    The knowledge you and Robb have been imparting on the community is such a great thing, none of us can thank you enough!

  13. Peter Haas says:

    Followed the link from Robb’s. Great site. Thanks for putting this up!

  14. Love it! Keep em coming. Thanks Nicki for being kind enough to share your experience and secrets!

  15. Lamarr says:

    Good topic. I am opening my box next month and found in trying to build the name/brand postcards have been very important. I also was lucky enough to meet and barter with a guy who works at a print shop. I train I coach him he does all my printing and designs. Great deal and many crossfits need to use the power of the barter system, (effectively, but that is another topic). I like the ideas you showed of the flyers. Great work. Keep it up.

  16. Julie says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I’ll be following your blog as well! Great resource!

  17. Rudy Tapalla says:

    Great post Nicki! I love the quality of information you consistently share with the CF Community. Just explaining the post card concept was good, but posting examples AWESOME!!!

    Thanks Rudy! Can’t wait to get out your direction sometime soon!

  18. Vanessa P says:

    This is still interesting and helpful, thanks!

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