Software with High AKP*: MindBody Online

We have been using MindBody Online since October of 2007…17 months or so. If you know me you know that I love the software and I love what it’s allowed us to do with our gym.

I get a lot of questions from affiliates asking questions about how we structure our business, how we track our clients, and how we introduce new clients to CF. My response always includes some mention of MBO.

The response is usually one of the following:

1) “We’re a small gym, I think Mindbody is too powerful a tool for us.”

2) Or the question, “at what point should I take the plunge and get MBO?”

In my opinion having some sort of client tracking/scheduling software is as crucial to your training business as having rings and a barbell.

Here’s why:

It totally professionalized our box. We went from tracking client sessions in our day planners and collecting money without giving receipts (like a sheisty drug deal) to having a software system track everything we could ever want to track about a client…visit history, purchases, referrals, emergency contact info, relationships, what classes they are eligible to attend, birthdays…and print professional receipts to boot!

When we decided to bring back group training in October of 2007 (at some point I’ll tell you our twisted history including all details of our complete stupidity and random path deviations) we needed a merchant account that could handle recurring billing. The merchant account we were using at the time was going to charge $500 to add the recurring billing feature.

I think it was Mike O’Donnell that originally sent Robb a link to MBO. It was a complete no brainer. For a similar setup fee I was going to get the ability to do autopays as well as amazing reporting functions, scheduling software, payroll functions, and one of my favorites, the ability to see what’s going on in my gym from ANYWHERE! More functions than I could ever think of myself and many that we are still under-utilizing! Oh…I just remembered another fave: auto emails…if a client’s monthly payment fails the system will send them an email letting them know and asking them to log in to update their billing info! Not that it happens a lot, but never again do you have to have that awkward conversation: “hey, um, you know…your payment didn’t go through this month.” Nobody likes that conversation!

I know there is other scheduling software out there…my point is use something!!! You would never think of opening a clothing boutique without software to track inventory, accept payments and give receipts! Why should your CrossFit box be any different?

*AKP = Ass Kicking Potential. Readers of the Performance Menu will be intimately familiar with this term! Non PM subscribers “wankers” are now up to speed!

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13 Responses to Software with High AKP*: MindBody Online

  1. Xi Xia says:

    Ditto. MBO has been fantastic…it pretty much is our Quickbooks and keeps track of our clients for us. I think if your goal is an active CrossFit box that grows, you jump in and get MBO from the start. It will take you a while to learn it anyway :)

    Nicki, love your site already and thanks for the postcards idea… we use and I’m going to check yours as well.

    keep it up!


  2. Zach @ CFLV says:

    Same here. We purchased MBO 3 months after we opened and it has helped tremendously because it can handle so many different functions in one software package…

  3. Hey Nicki! I am MINDBODY’s Marketing Coordinator and would just like to thank you for writing about us! It’s so great that your gym uses so many of the the software’s features – we love hearing that!

    I stumbled on your blog and needless to say, I LOVE this post! We have a page on our site dedicated to CrossFits ( – would it be okay to link to your post from this page? I think it will really help CrossFits who are considering MBO to “see the light.” 😀

    Please feel free to email me directly with any questions!

    Thanks Danielle! Please feel free to link to the post…I’ll shoot you an email tomorrow!

  4. Megan Reyes says:

    This has nothing to do with the post, although Santos and I are already finding it extremely helpful…but we were in Roseville at the Galleria last weekend and a Lululemon is going to be opening soon! I thought you might like to know!

    Megan that is GREAT news! Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Love the site. Great idea!

    MB rocks. We love it at DCF for all the reasons you mentioned (and then some).

    Keep up the good work.


  6. Brian PCF says:

    Nicki – we’ve been using MBO for about 3-4 months now after trying the Paypal/Spreadsheet option for our first 2 months.

    We use it mainly for scheduling and sign-ups for our Foundations (similar to your On Ramp) and for membership sign up.

    Something we haven’t done yet is require online signups or buy the barcode reader and hand out keychain membership cards. Do you guys do either? We’re class based, but we just let people show up.

    So question is do you guys do class signups/signins and what do you see as the benefit?

    Thanks for the great blog!

    Hey Brian!
    Thanks for the comment! That’s a great question and other folks have asked me that as well. I’m going to flesh my response out for tomorrows post…stay tuned:)

  7. Rob McBee says:

    Hi Nicki,

    Thanks a million for the time and overall generosity exhibited by your blog. Very helpful and appreciated. I talked with Scott Hagnas just yesterday and he was relating how awesome MBO has been for CF Portland. I’m been thinking my operation is too small but maybe it’s the next step to take. Thanks again for the insights.



  8. Zach @ CFLV says:

    Hmm, anyone else notice on MBO’s CrossFit secion one of the features they offer is “Performance Tracking.” Do they mean athlete performance or business performance?

    I would KILL to have a workout/performance tracking integrated with MBO (maybe something like

    Just a suggestion…

    Hey Zach! I was talking to Andres from MBO at the affiliate gathering and he was telling me about this testing function. You have to enable it in your general setup and options and then apparently you can create class tests and enter data for each client from the sign in screen. I am still checking it out. I want to be able to do it for client’s who aren’t class clients (workshop clients) and so far I’m stuck on how to enter their test info. I’ll update when I find out more.

  9. Zach @ CFLV says:

    That’s awesome, thanks Nicki!

  10. Megan Reyes says:

    Quick question. Santos and I were looking on the Mind Body website and they offer a 3 day training regarding the product. The problem it is a M to W which does workout so well for people who are helping out their husbands. What are your thoughts on you doing a mind body training specific to Crossfit and how it works for you?

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Megan! I’m going to touch on MBU a bit in my post today. Since you are so close to Chico, I would be happy to set up a time and run through some stuff with you…just let me know!

  11. bill patton says:

    zack (#8) – i’m the logsitall guy – and i’d love to find a way to have a “feed” either from or to LogsItAll that would deliver ranking functionality to MBO (or any other application). One of my goals in developing logsitall was to make it open source – so anyone could re-purpose the data stream. I’ve called danielle – it will be interesting to see where it end up…

    -bill patton

  12. tara Krieger says:

    Russian Lunge? I am pretty sure I know what they are just wanted to confirm

    I just did a little clarification post…(June 30th)…hope that helps!

  13. bigtiny says:

    Wellhub might be another option to look into for studio/fitness software or yoga studio software.

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