Becoming a Better Professional

I belong to a business networking group called Le Tip.  It’s an international organization with groups in almost every city.  The basic premise:  you are the only individual representing your profession and as a group you aim to refer potential clients to each other.  I am the only fitness professional, there is one chiropractor, one lawyer, one real estate agent…you get the picture.  If one of my clients needs a mortgage, I will have them talk to Pam in my group.  It’s a nice way to further help your clients (building relationships and helping them get what they need) and it’s a great way to build your business!

Perhaps even more important, however, is the fact that you surround yourself with other professionals and you become a better professional yourself.  Each week you are called upon to stand up and speak about what you do…just a short 30 sec-1min commercial for your business.  And, about 2-3 times a year you have the opportunity to speak for 10 mins.  It’s great exposure and a great way to hone your ability to communicate what it is that you do!

Now, there are admittedly a few cheesy aspects of being in Le Tip…some fines, and quirky club badges you have to wear…much like Rotary or Kiwanis or other similar clubs, but all in all it has been great for our business.

So back to becoming a better professional…The real estate agent in my group called me last week to see if he could come out to see our new facility.  He’s not a client (yet) and so he hadn’t been by our new location (we moved last August). He wanted to see exactly what we do and learn how he could better refer people to me.  I spent about 30 minutes with him chatting about CrossFit and training, our clients, etc. Today I received a hand written note card in the mail from him thanking me for taking the time out of my day to speak with him.  He mentioned that he and his wife have CrossFit NorCal on their list of things they want to take up after they pay for their daughter’s wedding. He signed it by saying to please let him know if there was anyway he could be of service.

I know stuff like this is the hallmark of a service professional…and it got me thinking. We CrossFitter’s are all about recognizing our client’s achievements via our blogs…but how cool would it be to have some note cards with your business logo on them and write a short handwritten note to a client and dropping it in the mail?  It could be the simplest note: “Congrats on your first pull-up!  I knew you could do it!”

Laurie Bowler from Rainier CrossFit has sent me a personalized notecard with the Ranier CrossFit logo, as has Michael Rutherford of CrossFit Kansas City.  Do any of you do this?

I’m not the best at letter writing, but a quick compliment or congrats is something I can do.  It’s also something our trainers can do…helping them become better professionals as well.  Next stop…note cards!

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  1. Kelley Rakow says:

    Great blog, Nicki. I absolutely have CF Ocean City note cards. I make it a point to send out at least 5-10 “way to go” notes every two weeks. Our CrossFitters love receiving good news in the mail – especially when it is about and for them!

    Awesome Kelley! I’m super excited to implement this!

  2. Zach @ CFLV says:

    I like this idea. I’ll give it a try here in the next month and see if I get some positive feedback (which I’m sure I will)! Thanks for the blog, Nicki!

  3. Hey Nicki… love your new blog! Great idea to share the tips and tricks of what’s making NorCal so successful.

    I thought I’d add on another idea that we used in our facility recently. This year we opted to skip christmas greetings, since we feel the message gets lost at that time of year. Instead, we gave everyone a valentine’s day card, just to let them know we love them! How often do you get a valentine once you’re out of grade school, right? We also included a couple of business cards with a special rate on the back that they could give to friends or family if they wanted to “share the love”. I just bought regular valentine’s day cards and put them through my office printer to add our own message and our logo. Relatively inexpensive and quite well received.

    We also had a plate of fresh organic strawberries on our front desk all last week. It was the best we could come up with for an occasion built around chocolate!

    That’s awesome Jocelyn! Great idea!

  4. Tom says:

    Great blog Nicki! The info you have here is tremendous. One of our client’s sent your blog over to me and I am really glad they did. Re: Note cards. That is definitely on the list of things to do. We have used Facebook and email to send notes of congrats to our members but the direct mail is way more of a personal touch.

  5. Jenna says:

    Great blog, Nicki.

    We printed up some postcards with our logo, etc, that our graphic designer made up for us. We send them out after someone’s first visit, as well as to congratulate them on an achievement, such as a first pull-up. People really like them.

    I’ll be reading your blog…very excited about it.

  6. clay says:

    Hey Nicki. I am in a similar networking group called BNI. There is a lady in my group that owns something called “Send Out Cards”. It is an online service that mails greeting cards with your message directly to a client, friend or family member. If you want her contact info send me an e-mail and let me know. It’s a pretty cool system and Nina is really nice.

    Hey Clay,
    I’ve heard of Send Out Cards but haven’t really looked into it. I’ll google it and see what I find! Thanks.

  7. Mike Morris says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share what you have learned over the years. We are a new affilliate, Dec 08, and slowly growing. All this info is very beneficial and we look forward to attending Robb’s Nutrition Cert @ CF North (Seattle) next month.

    I‘ll see you then!

  8. PXTcody says:

    I’m adding this blog to my daily checklist!
    My wife and I own Personal Excellence Training in Lake Oswego Oregon (Portland suburb).
    We discovered CF last July and have been addicted ever since.
    I’ll be attending my first LI cert up in Washington on March 28th and plan on applying for affiliation as soon as finances allow.

    I can’t get too much info! Thank you for your work here!

  9. gio s says:

    Excellent advice, and I’ve been invited by a Real Estate round table in the city that I am doing business in to give a little 1 min. intro to what I coach.

    Yes, it does go a long way to make connections, and better yet for those connections to become personalized to make a that person feel appreciated and thought of. It does go beyond the box.

    Great job, adding it as a Fav. along side your hubbies. :)

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