One Fine Box

Robb and I were down in San Diego for a nutrition cert this past weekend. CJ Martin was in attendance and we were fortunate to track him down on Sunday to check out his new box CrossFit Invictus! Talk about a nice set-up!

Here’s a little video I took…forgive my lack of a steady hand and not-stellar quality of my Flip!

You’ll also notice they’ve got a kid pen area as well! CJ had it built with safety glass…it allows for the kids to see through and keep an eye on their parents and is apparently as sturdy as the glass around a hockey rink…just in case the playing gets rough!

CrossFit Invictus from CrossFit NorCal on Vimeo.

Several of our trainers are heading down to Ramona in early April for the CF Kids cert. We plan on launching our Kids program when they return as well as building a kids corral for the littler ones! I totally dig the safety glass setup!

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3 Responses to One Fine Box

  1. hans says:

    Thanks for the wealth of info. I have a MBO question. We are paying our trainers on a 70/30 split based off of who they recruit to the box. Tracking is a nightmare as we are growing and adding quality trainers. Does MBO have a tracking system that would do this.
    Spreadsheet=pain in the ass at this point.

    Hans –
    Are you meaning that if a trainer recruits someone and that person pays $160/month you are paying them 70% each month? As far as I know MBO doesn’t have the ability to track percentages of autopays. Unless maybe you set the trainer up on commission for the sale, but then I’m not sure that would carry over monthly. You could potentially create a client type in the name of each trainer and then assign that client type to the client the trainer recruits. Then you could just pull up all the clients under client type “Todd” for example. Then you would just need to make sure that client was still current and calculate what they paid and the percentage, etc. Maybe the spreadsheet is still the best way to go???

  2. Nick at OTG says:

    Great space CJ and tremendous bathroom/locker room setup – wow!
    Love the blog Nicki!
    Thank you for all you’re doing.

  3. hans says:

    Thanks for the reply. Looks like it’s spreadsheets for now…

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