Postcard Contest

We just wrapped up a little postcard contest amongst our trainers. This was something that was mentioned at MindBody University…and I finally decided to give it a shot.

I had 1000 postcards printed offering 10% off of either the On Ramp class or 12 sessions of private training with an expiration date of April 30th.

Trainers needed to put their initials on the back and then hand them out wherever they wanted (they gave them to their hair stylist, tanning booth, flower shop, current clients to give to friends, etc)

Contest duration March 5th-April 30th

$300 cash awarded to the trainer whose initials were on the back of the most postcards brought in and redeemed (signed up). (Double incentive…cash to the winner and new clients to train in general.)

2 of our trainers really went after it and were neck and neck until the final day, with the end result being 26 new clients via the postcard contest in 7 weeks. Not too bad. What is that, a 2.6% return? Better than direct mail. If any of you give this a shot be sure to report back your results!

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4 Responses to Postcard Contest

  1. Monique says:

    I love this. I am going to do it. A 30 day contest. Handing out our cool little postcards everywhere.

    A trainer contest and a member contest. Winner receives cash, bragging rights, and a special prize.

    The thought are flowing…

    Keep us posted Monique!

  2. PXT Cody says:

    26 new clients would get us to our current volume goal. That is great!
    Would you be ok with sharing your postcard? Design/layout and copy?

    BTW- will you guys be coming up for the NW Qual? Would be cool to meet you both.

    Thanks again for this blog- I check it obsessively.

    Hey Cody!
    Unfortunately we won’t be up for the NW Qual…maybe we’ll meet at the games?
    I’ll post some new postcard layouts soon :)

  3. PXT Cody says:

    P.S. I did see your Postcards from the Feb post. Just wondering if you have changed things up? Thanks!

    We change them up every month…different clients/trainers on the front, etc. Makes it more fun that way!

  4. Dave says:

    So how did you do Nicki? I know I got you one new on-ramper, (Kim) from the card I gave her and it seemed like you got several others out of LeTip? =)

    I had 5 LeTippers come down for the On Ramp! Let’s see how many of them are brave enough to continue :)

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