More postcard images

In response to PXT Cody…we change our postcard images monthly…it keeps it fun and allows us to feature different clients/trainers, etc. Here are a few recent ones, including the one we used for the contest.



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5 Responses to More postcard images

  1. PXT Cody says:

    Thanks Nicki!

    You’re welcome!

  2. Kim says:

    Love the post cards. How did you choose the green color for the lettering? Was there any consderation or did you just like it?

    Green is our logo color/website color/favorite color :)

  3. saulj says:

    Where do you have your postcards made? A local place?

    One of my clients does the layout and we get them printed at

  4. Kim says:

    Just got a look at the latest edition of Performance Menu. Thank you so much for all your time and effort to give us such great info!

  5. Tracy says:

    Hi Nicki!

    Do you know what program she uses to produce the post cards?

    I believe they are designed in Adobe Illustrator.

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