Some “Friendly” Affiliate Competitions!

David Osorio of CrossFit South Brooklyn and I have been working on drumming up some friendly community-building affiliate competitions! We just wrapped up the first of what we are planning to be an every 4 weeks or so Cali vs. NY affiliate challenge. Our goal for the first challenge was to find a workout that practically everyone could do as prescribed. We chose the diagnostic girl “Jackie” and affectionately called the challenge the “jackie-off!” We did offer a scaled variant: 1K row, thrusters with a 35# bar and jumping pullups. It was a great success!

We both did some blog posts about a month out and drummed up some good ole smack talking. One of my favorites, from one of David’s athletes:

In the style of “Yo mama jokes”

I heard that Norcal’s athletes are so weak….

…that they chipped a tooth eating yogurt.

… that they lost a fight with the mild salsa.

… that they couldn’t even lift their own spirits.

Alas, it looks like Brooklyn was better at talking smack than doing Jackie, but we won’t rub that in here ☺

We had a great time and our folks really got into the competition! And there were some amazing performances!

Dutch is featuring a more global, yet similar monthly affiliate challenge on his blog! This stuff works! It gets people excited to pull together to represent their team.


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  1. Nicole says:

    These work great! When my brother was deployed on the USS PELELIU we did challenges vs. his PT/CrossFit guys on the ship. We would post everyone’s times/scores on our site afterward.

    One workout even inspired an athlete to be called out on a reported PR deadlift. Video confirmation cleared that up quickly.

    Fun, friendly, trash talking and a little added incentive to work hard.

    All good stuff!

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