#1 On Ramp question answered

Here it is folks, the number 1 question I get regarding the On Ramp.  “How do you schedule it?  How can I turn someone away if we are in the middle of an On Ramp and the next one starts in 2 weeks?”

A fellow at a recent CrossFit Nutrition cert mentioned he didn’t want to tell the client “I can’t accommodate you right now.”  I wouldn’t want him to say that either. It really is all in the language you use, how you talk to the client, how you sell it.

Here’s an 8 step scenario:

Step 1: client phones/emails/walks in

Step 2: you determine in pretty quick order if they are a potential client. If they are, proceed to Step 3.  If they are looking for a swimming pool or spa, do not proceed.

Step 3: schedule a time for them to come to your facility for a complimentary ½ hour fitness consult. You get to meet them, they get to meet you, i.e. you get to generate some rapport. They get to see the facility. You ask what they are looking for, you talk about your program and how you can get them the results they want.

Step 4: you mention how folks get started – must complete 12 sessions of private training or the On Ramp class.  You explain the benefits of both.  You listen to what they say. If they are interested in the “beginning group class/On Ramp” proceed to Step 5.  If they are interested in private training find out what they’re schedule looks like and sign them up and schedule them.

Step 5: you say: “Great! Our next On Ramp class begins on (some date in the next 2-3 weeks) at 7pm (or whatever time).  We cap the class at 10 people and have 2 coaches on to ensure a great coach to trainee ratio. We do this to ensure everyone gets great coaching and a solid steeping in the mechanics of the CF movements.  The classes fill up quickly, and we currently only have 4 spots left in the upcoming class. Would you like to sign up and reserve a spot in that class?”

Step 6: Enroll them

Step 7: Wow them in the On Ramp!

Step 8: Sign them up for on going group classes.

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5 Responses to #1 On Ramp question answered

  1. Karianne says:

    We have had tremendous success implementing the On Ramp. We only offer it every 4-weeks. We certainly work with private sessions if necessary, however, to date it has not been an issue. The pre-sign up and emails that prep for On Ramp creates some excitement and urgency.
    Thanks for all of the great advice, as always!

    Awesome Karianne! See you in a couple days at the Summit!

  2. Xi Xia says:

    We’ve had really good results with the 4-week On Ramp program. Our conversion rate to a member is a little higher than 80%.

    We recently went to 8 clients, 2 trainer On Ramps and the increased # of bodies makes the whole experience more energetic and like a class. Before, we had been doing groups of 4-5 with 1 trainer.

    We are currently experimenting with a 3-week On Ramp, to see if we can teach the basics well enough to get them started in our classes. It will be interesting to see if we can maintain the same conversion to membership rate.

    Hey Nicki, we introduce people to the gym through the CrossFit LA model of a 1-hour introduction session. Sounds very similar to yours and there is a basic workout involved. We have done hundreds of these and the conversion percentage is around 40% to either On Ramp or personals.

    Recently, we decided to change to a more time efficient introduction. We have two times on our weekly schedule dedicated to introductions and sign up prospective clients that call us into those sessions. It is too early to tell but the results so far are very promising. The group intro session feels much more like a small class and the interaction among the prospectives brings a higher level of energy to the whole experience. This new methods conversion rate is actually exceeding the old 1-on-1 intros by a bit and it is much more time efficient. Just thought I share.

    thanks for your info and looking forward to your future installments on trainer development

    Thanks Xi Xia!

  3. Hi Nicki,

    I have a question about the curriculum. I see there are 2 WODs that say “10!” and then some movements. I can’t find anythin about “10!” anywhere else. I can only assume its something along the lines of 10 rounds for time of: 10 reps of “XXX” and “YYY” or its AMRAP in 10 min of 10 reps of “XXX” and “YYY”.

    Thanks for any help clearing this up.

    -Nathan Magniez

    Hi Nathan,

    10! = 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of each movement. Essentially decreasing reps with each round.

  4. polo says:

    Hey Nikki,

    Thank you for your sound advice about On-Ramp classes. We have implemented your ideas and they worked right off the bat. We already have folks waiting to to do the next class. I’m also going to use your idea about personal training to get the On-Ramp class done for folks that can’t come to the regular schedule for our On-Ramp. Without your help and open sharing of the On-Ramp class schedule and programming I’m not sure what we would’ve done.

  5. David Weaver says:

    Hey Nicki,

    This is slightly off topic… When listening to your presentation at the BB Summit, you or Robb mentioned that you give people some paperwork to read and go over before they come to the first class or session (after the initial consult). I’m working on putting a few things together such as a 7 day food log, expectations, and I was thinking maybe the “What is Fitness” article. Any other suggestions or recommendations you think we should be including (or not)? Thanks!

    Hey David!
    Food log, shopping and food guide and several links to short videos (Paleo in a Nutshell)…anything that is brief and easy to understand, ie doesn’t overwhelm to newbie who is already baffled you’re asking them to cut back on sugar :)

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