Apologies for my almost 3 month absence of posts.  Also apologies to the folks who’ve left comments during this time…they have just now been approved.  I had no intention of leaving you hanging…I just haven’t been able to bring myself to login as I’ve been in a conflicted place about this blog.

Right about the time of my last post it was brought to my attention that a woman in the “community” was not just using and modifying the On Ramp for use in her gym with her clients.  She started writing and publishing articles and speaking on “community” radio shows about the On Ramp as if it were her original work.  Her website even had the nerve to say: “All content is my original work.” “Content that is borrowed and revised will say so.”  Hmmm….doesn’t appear to be the case.

There are other former members of the “community” who’ve had similar experiences with “community” folks pinching their original content TO THE LETTER.  I guess as they say, “mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery”.  Perhaps that is true…but it’s also really annoying and frustrating. People put hours and hours into the work they create to HELP people…not to have them pinch it as their own work.

My only intention in publishing the On Ramp originally was to help other microgyms succeed faster.  And I guess over the last couple of months I’ve just not been feeling very much like helping.

I’m not sure if all organizations once they reach a certain size also acquire the sort of bravado and arrogance that the one I’m speaking of has acquired…but it seems some of the poison is leaking down the ranks.  Open source in the context of this “community” when it was in it’s nascent phase once meant “Hey, what do you think about this?” Or “let’s try this and see if it works better than that.”  Now that it’s grown to the testosterone injected teenager that it is it appears to mean “I’m a part of this thing you’re a part of so give it up to me.”  Or, “I just joined and I have no f*ing clue what I’m doing, but I’m a badass so I’m going to take your shit cuz you’ve been doing it longer.”

So I’ve just been doing my own thing…and have had a serious disinclination to write and share much the last few months. Instead I’ve been helping and consulting with people I consider friends as well as a local MMA gym…and you can thank both Robb and Megan from Level 10 in Oroville for kicking me in the fanny and bringing me back to the surface.

Fortunately there are always more ideas coming. And in fact I’ve got a few fun projects up my sleeve myself…one of which is re-working this blog.

Have a great Sunday!

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25 Responses to Resurfacing

  1. steve liberati says:

    I know exactly what you’re going through. Glad to see you posting again!

  2. Rast says:

    Welcome back, Nicki. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

  3. Ian Dirnfeld says:

    Welcome back Nicki, you’ve been missed. Look forward to reading what you feel like writing about.

  4. Nicki,

    As we mentioned on Friday, we’re experiencing the very same situation right now in Toronto. Thank you for your advice on the subject. I think we’re going to follow your lead and take a firm stance to protect our proprietary material. Like you, we can only hope the “community” recognizes, appreciates and values quality material from the original source – not just a regurgitation of concepts without the real-world experience to back them up.

    In the meantime, we’ll keep helping people however we can. At this point, the benefits of doing good things for OUR community – the community we share with you, our readers and the fine gym owners, fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts we work with – still outweigh the frustrations.

    Nice to see you writing again – stay in touch, and great to spend some time with you guys this week!

    Melissa & Dallas

  5. Sam says:

    Welcome back Nicki, I have followed your blog for a long time, run a very small part time S&C business (don’t worry I’m not one of those who have bastardised the onramp)and I think your a genius.

  6. Andrew says:

    I’m so sorry Nicki. There are so many of us who appreciate your hard work and willingness to share your knowledge. Glad to have you back! :)

  7. Web Smith says:

    I am sorry to hear that! Everyone that matters knows where the “On Ramp” program started and we appreciate it. I see it executed flawlessly.

    Sadly enough, we are in the business of lawless impersonation. Luckily, y’all have a voice that is strong enough to overcome that nonsense.

    Tell Robb that he will have a kick ass time with Erwan Le Corre in WVU. Erwan is a STAND UP guy and an excellent teacher. He has humbled the heck out of some of us Austin CrossFitter’s.

  8. Mars says:

    Sometimes the choice to not make a move, is still a decision. :-)

  9. Andrew K. says:

    “If I may see further it is only because I stand on the shoulders of giants.”
    -Isaac Newton

    Thanks for all you’ve given Nicki. I have no idea where I’d be without your On Ramp. Please try and remember you really have helped the people who know what “community” really means.

  10. Courtney says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am also in a similar situation. Seems like we would be stronger working together as a community (especially in a small town setting, where I live) than trying to out-do one another. It’s unfortunate, but I believe these things always catch-up with people. Regurgitating information will never make someone as knowledgeable as experience, which you clearly have!

  11. Ron Fielder says:

    Happens to all of us. It sucks but no one can have the same passion and vision as you with your material. It will show in time, glad your back!

  12. Nicki, so glad you are BACK!

  13. Nicki

    So glad to see you back. We have just started using YOUR On Ramp program and are so grateful you took the time to make it freely available. Don’t stop posting because others don’t have the decency to acknowledge where ideas come from. The people that matter out there know who the good people are, and you guys are certainly 2 of the best. As other people well know “We are the Community”, not those that take without ever giving back.We now live the dream with the help of yourselves and so many others. Thank-you so much for all you do. Graham and Lorraine

  14. AJ says:

    Nicki, thanks for being so authentic. If you are doing good work, people will copy it. However as long as you are always creating and generating good stuff, you will be making a difference and helping people!

  15. Troy says:

    Nicki, we are glad to see you are back too!!! We love your blog and all the help you have given our garage affiliate. The On Ramp program you developed is awesome and our new members love it too.

    Thanks again for all you have done and keep doing for the community.

    Troy & Pam

  16. Dave says:

    I am sorry that you are having to deal with such Nicki. If I were you, I would confront the bitch…(whoops, did I say that out loud?), post who it is, challenge her to come clean….but I know you are a nicer person than me. =)

  17. Kevin says:

    Hey Nicki,

    I just wanted to let you know how much utilizing the On Ramp has helped our business. For all the reasons you mention in your articles in the PM, we’ve seen an explosion in membership because of the great sales funnel that the OR represents.

    We get the opportunity to lower barriers, ease concerns and intimidation, and sell our coaching, community, and program over the course of a month.

    From a business perspective, it’s been a huge deal!

    I do wonder how much disclosure you would like? You can check our page on “getting started” where we detail the On Ramp program. We don’t give explicit credit to you or Nor Cal, because we don’t think any of our prospects know or care, but I thought all of the ‘insiders’ knew you originated and popularized this concept.

    When people ask, we tell them.

    What do you think?

    Hey Kevin,
    As I mentioned in a previous comment, I put it out there for people to use to better grow your gyms…your clients don’t care where it came from and they don’t need to know. However, if a person was to write a business article and or speak on a radio program about “their On Ramp” then in my mind at least mentioning that it was “inspired by or adapted from” my work is necessary. Citing sources is common practice among educated folks. Thanks for your support!

  18. Tom says:

    Glad you are back! Both you and Robb are assets to the community and the time and effort you put in here is truly appreciated and respected by many. Thank you!

  19. saulj says:

    I am sorry you are having the issue with people stealing your work, but I am glad you are posting again, many people get a huge amount of value from your wisdom and experience.

    Looking forward to seeing your new projects.

    Is there a way that the people who are using your On Ramp material can acknowledge where they/we got the curriculum? We don’t follow it to the letter, but I think we are pretty close. I would be glad to put that on our website.

    Hey Saul –
    Thanks for all your support. As I mentioned earlier…I don’t expect attribution on everyone’s site who is using the On Ramp or some derivative of it with their clients. Speaking about it or writing and publishing articles about it is a different story…in the minimum mentioning that it is adapted from my original publication is only decent.

  20. Christina says:

    I wish we could just clone you and throw you in every gym in America. Then there would be no need for moral infringement. We know where it originated from. I can see your frustration, as it has happened many times to me before in some fashion. At least we (meaning I) can brag, that “…yeah, we have the sensei of Olympic Weightlifting”…then I watch their eyes glaze over and drool, drool, drool. I can’t wait for new projects. Yay!

    You make me laugh! And you are FAR too kind!

  21. saulj says:

    I have added something to our getting started page, I hope that it will help you in some way. If not let me know and I will change or remove immediately.

    thanks again for all your help.

    Thanks Saul! That is more than necessary. As I’ve mentioned before I put it out there because I WANTED folks to use it. I just didn’t want them to write articles about it (and call it the same thing) and speak on radio shows about it (and call it the same thing) as if it was their original idea without at least saying “this was inspired by or adapted from Nicki Violetti’s original program, etc…Thanks for all your support!

  22. BK says:

    Nicki! Mate…Back on DA HORSE!!!
    I feel very blessed to be personally handed YOUR program way back when and it has become an institution at CFP for how we run our program, which is cracking in our new 5000 sq space:)
    Your guidance and support in assisting Janet and I thoughout the early stages of our biz will never be lost on us, thanx mate!
    Much love to you and Robb!!

    Miss you BK! Thanks for the support!

  23. Gina says:

    It’s funny – we here at CrossFit Long Beach have talked many times of how we can best thank you and Robb for all that you’ve done for the CrossFit gyms. We adopted your On-Ramp program last November and our membership growth and retention has been stunning. We have also had enormous success with the unweighed, unmeasured paleo approach. Please know that there are a bunch of us out here that truly appreciate all that you do. And we give you guys full props both in our classes and on our website. Thanks again!

    Best regards,
    Gina for Team CrossFit Long Beach

  24. john crow says:

    Hi Nikki, I am a long time reader first time poster. I must say, I am glad you are back! Being a small box and a one man show with little to no business experience I rely heavily on your advice. Thanks for all you have unknowingly done for me and my business!


  25. Anneke Marvin says:


    The first part of this is more geared toward Robb’s work, but it is in the same vein as your post. I have been doing a lot of community outreach ( read: free) which talks about lifestyle management in general, including a heavy push toward Paleo. I always cite my sources both in text (PPT) and verbally as I go through information. What do you consider fair or acceptable in terms of credit? Robb has helped me with a lot and I certainly promote him and his knowledge like crazy, but I definitely don’t want to fall in to the same category as this lady. A few of my clients have taken his advice to heart and seen decreases in diabetic markers, cardiovascular risk markers such as CRP and homocysteine, as well as lost weight and performed better at life. Similarly, we are a small, “garage” gym and would like to adopt an On Ramp style program. How would you like credit given for something like that?

    Hi Anneke,
    Please feel free to utilize the On Ramp program…that’s what it was intended for. The issue I wrote about in this post was regarding writing articles and speaking on a radio program as if the concept was her own and without attribution.

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