MBO Users! Are you storing client photos?

I’m sure many of you are doing this already, but I thought I’d mention it to those who might just have it on their “to do” list and haven’t quite gotten around to it yet.

Uploading your client’s photo or headshot into their profile might seem superfluous if you’re just getting going with your studio or microgym.  If you have fewer than 50 clients you obviously know everyone’s name and can easily locate them in MBO when you need to.

However, there will come a day when you aren’t the only one selling memberships in the retail screen and signing folks into class who forgot their keytags.  You will at some point have a few or several trainers.  And you will at some point have 30 people with the first name “John” or “Katie” in your system.  This is when it becomes important to have the profile pic stored.

We were lazy with this when we first started using MBO in 2007…but have since become quite fastidious about it.  With several trainers and several folks with duplicate names it’s important to make sure we’re signing the right “Katie” into a class and selling the right “Katie” a private training package.  Sell it to the “wrong” Katie and Katie1 essentially buys Katie2 a $600 PT package.  It can be messy to clean up after these types of mistakes. Not to mention it looks quite unprofessional.

So this is just my friendly reminder to start taking client photos and uploading them to their profiles if you aren’t already doing so!  Cheers!

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