A couple notes on the Skilled Athlete FB Schedule App

I just want to touch on a few things and hopefully help you all get your schedules up on your Facebook pages seamlessly!

If you missed my post about the awesomely free app that Skilled Athlete just launched that will post your MBO schedule to your FB page you can catch that here.

First things first!

We’ve had some of you try to install the app without first logging into MBO to get your API credentials.  We need those in order to pull your class schedule from MBO and post to Facebook.  Directions for how to find your API credentials can be found here…and btw you must use the “owner” login to get these.

Here also is a screen shot of those directions :)

Once you get your SourceName, API Password, and Studio ID from your MBO account write them down….you will then be ready to click “install now” on the Skilled Athlete site.  After entering your credentials and selecting your Business Page on FB you will find a link to the Skilled Athlete App on FB where you will click “add to my page”.  Then you are done!

A few folks have had difficulty for the following reasons:

1) didn’t get proper MBO API credentials before attempting install

2) didn’t have a FB page.  Read this and convert it to a page and you’ll be good.

3) tried installing the Skilled Athlete App on FB without first going through the install process from SkilledAthlete.com (and entering in MBO API credentials).

If you have any other trouble please don’t hesitate to contact support@skilledathlete.com.


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