Increase word of mouth traffic! Push MBO checkins to Facebook!

Hey everyone!  I hope the holiday season is treating you all well and that you’re doing some reflecting and making plans for a prosperous 2012.  I want to take a few minutes to let you all know about a second product that Skilled Athlete is offering FREE to MINDBODY users: Facebook Check-ins!

When you sign up for this app, clients that have been in your facility in the past two weeks will be sent an email invitation to connect with your business on Facebook.

If they accept (it’s opt-in) each time they are checked into a class in MBO we will automatically check them in to your business’ Facebook page.

The number of check-ins on Facebook is a form of social validation letting people know that there is a lot of activity at your facility.  A business that has had thousands of check-ins appears more popular, established and viable than a business with only a few check-ins.

Second, each of these check-ins shows up in your clients’ activity feed on Facebook and can be seen by their friends – kind of like an ad impression but even better because they are in your client’s feed.

Since our clients (like most people on Facebook) have about 100 friends each these were potentially seen over 43,000 times on Facebook.

Over 15% of our clients at NorCal have opted to use the app on FB, and each month we get hundreds Facebook check-ins.  Our clients who have signed up like that they have an easy way to let their friends know they are going to work out, and we are happy because it is driving traffic to our Facebook page, increasing the social exposure of our brand to our clients’ friends, many of whom are our best prospects.

A friend of mine looked into running an advertisement for his gym and Facebook would have charged him a $2 CPM (cost per thousand impressions) to target the same set of people.  To get these same 43,000 impressions via a Facebook add would have cost us $86…instead we got those same impressions free with this app!

To top it all off it’s EASY!  You sign up once and Skilled Athlete will automatically invite all clients who have been in your facility in the last 2 weeks.  Anyone who comes in after that initial invite (old clients or new) will also be automatically sent an invite.  There is no further action required on your part.  Also, if they so desire, your clients can opt out at any time by simply uninstalling the app from their personal FB profile.

A couple of things:

Just like the FB schedule app, your business needs to have a FB page (not a personal profile) to utilize this.  You can read more about the importance of having a page for your business here.

If you already have the Skilled Athlete Facebook Schedule app installed just send an email to , and we can turn on the FB check-in feature for you.  If you don’t yet have the FB schedule app installed you can do that here.

And stay tuned…in late January Skilled Athlete will be releasing an iPhone app that will allow you and your trainers to check clients into classes directly from your phone.

Tracking attendance is important and this app is going to be a super helpful if your gym or studio doesn’t utilize key tags or self-sign in.  But, if like NorCal Strength & Conditioning, you DO use key tags the app is still going to be helpful since your trainers can check to make sure their roster is accurate at the start of each class and don’t have to double check that all clients signed in at the end of class or the end of the day.

The app will also allow you to take client photos with your iPhone and push to their MBO profile (read this article if you aren’t yet in the habit of storing client photos in their profiles), email and phone clients directly from the app and much more!

Again, wishing you all a very happy and safe holiday!


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