Digital waivers! No more paper!

For the past month NorCal Strength and Conditioning has digitally managed waivers with DocuSign eSignatures by Skilled Athlete!

After 8.5 years in business, we have generated a lot of paper.  Clients used to fill out a paper waiver, which my staff would decipher, manually add to MINDBODY, and then put in the file cabinet.  Now we are saving our staff time as well as:

Minimizing data entry errors.  Admit it, most of your clients have really poor penmanship.

Eliminating the need to physically store waivers.  Filing and storing these stacks of waivers is tedious.

Simplifying retrieval.  It’s way easier to pull an electronically stored waiver than opening the file cabinet.

Streamlining and improving the client experience.  Think Apple Store.

How it used to work at NorCal

Along with ten other people, John Q. Client comes through the door for his first On Ramp. John is handed a clipboard to fill out contact info, emergency contact info, and to sign liability waiver.

Mr. Client then passes the clipboard to the guy to his right.  Tick.  Tock.  Ten minutes later, class finally begins.  After the class ends, a staff member manually enters the client information on the waiver accurately into MINDBODY (which is no small feat given the chicken scrawl they are trying to decipher), and the waiver is filed away in a drawer.

How we’re doing it now

Scenario 1:  John Q. Client comes through the door for his fitness consult.  The trainer hands him an iPhone/iPad and client enters his profile and emergency contact info, snaps a self-portrait, and electronically signs the waiver. Note: If the client already has a profile in MBO, then we don’t need to collect the client profile data.  The trainer simply pulls up the client in the app, selects the waiver document and has the client sign.

Skilled Athlete automatically creates a new client in MINDBODY, and after successfully signing the document the client and their information is added to MBO and the waiver is automatically pushed and uploaded to the client’s document folder in MBO, located next to the “account details” tab, provided you have enabled this feature in your MBO general setup and options.

Here are some screenshots of the process:

New Client Contact Screen
Emergency Contact info screen
Prior to reviewing document, client agrees to do business electronically
Client reviews document and is prompted to sign

Scenario 2:  John Q. Client client signs up online for the On Ramp program and has already created a profile in MBO.  He has already entered emergency contact information since we require it when he creates a profile.  Now we just need to capture the signature on the waiver.

Prior to On Ramp beginning we simply email the waiver to the client for a signature.  Mr. Client signs from the comfort of his own home or office and shows up the first day ready to train.  And if for some reason he hasn’t signed, a trainer can easily pull him up in the app and collect his digital signature in person.  We’ve saved time that we can use for training clients and reduced the likelihood for errors.


And this is just the beginning.  Currently Skilled Athlete is supporting signature-based documents. Skilled Athlete is planning to support digital documents and signatures for PAR-Q, or health history intake forms, as well as MBO contracts.  And then I can reach my goal of going completely paperless!  Oh, and be sure to check out Skilled Athlete if you’re a MINDBODY client and want to implement digital waivers in your business!

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2 Responses to Digital waivers! No more paper!

  1. Tom Gonset says:

    Awesome use of DocuSign! Thanks for the shout-out! Love to hear before-after stories like this.

  2. Derek Wellock says:

    Great. I am going to look into this program for the MAC.

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