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I’ve received some very kind emails from some of my readers of late.  Messages thanking me for the content on this blog and asking me to please, please post more often!  I’m glad my writing has been helpful in guiding many of you in your journey owning and growing a microgym or other fitness or service based business.

What I’ve been up to

Many of you know that Robb and I had our daughter Zoe in May of this year.  Nearly 5 months have gone by and it’s hard to imagine we ever had a life without her.  My hands have been full as a new mom, but I’m loving every minute of it.

You may also know I’ve been working with Skilled Athlete, a software company, building mobile tools on the MINDBODY API platform.  Well, I’m excited to say the Skilled Athlete team has some other exciting stuff up its sleeve with Front Desk, details of which I’ll be sharing in the next couple of months.

As for your requests for more blog content, I’ll be continuing to write about all things service business over at the Front Desk blog.  The first one is up….come check it out!

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