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It’s been ages since I’ve posted here so I figured it was high time to give you an update on what I’ve been up to. Forgive me if this reads a bit like a holiday letter (a very tardy one at that), but a ton has happened in the 2+ years since my last post.

Last July I gave birth to another beautiful baby girl, Sagan. She is a total sweetheart! Big sister Zoe adores her and can’t wait for her to get older so they can play :)

Speaking of Zoe, she is nearly potty trained! Man, the potty training thing is way harder than I thought it would be. She’ll be three in May and is already keeping my husband and I on our toes with her questions! “Mom, where does the moon come from?”


NorCal Strength and Conditioning is still going strong under the day to day guidance of my sister Chrissy and her husband Shawn. We celebrated 11 years in business in January.

The Performance Menu also celebrated 10 years as of the February 2015 issue. Greg and Aimee published a best of compilation that you can find here. Man how 10 years goes by fast.

I’m still writing about running a business — just over at the FrontDesk blog.

What is FrontDesk? Glad you asked!

FrontDesk is a software platform for service businesses like Personal trainers, Music schools, Yoga studios, CrossFit affiliates, and so on. We handle everything from scheduling and recurring billing to digital liability waivers and tracking staff pay.

Being a part of the FrontDesk team has been an incredible learning opportunity for me. We launched in early 2013 and have been working tirelessly to build the product and the company. We’ve raised over 12MM in VC funding and have grown our team from 6 co-founders to just shy of 40 at last count! And we’re hiring!

Check out this short overview video:

And I’m super excited to announce that we just launched a podcast — FrontDesk On Air! My colleague Amy Ellis and I are co-hosting. We’re excited to bring you relevant information for running and growing your business — and we have some really great guests lined up too!

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Ok, I’ll stop rambling now! Thanks all for reading — here’s to making 2015 a great year.

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