Do you own a fitness related business (microgym, yoga/pilates/private training studio, MMA gym) and have questions about the path you’re on?  I am available for consultations.  Please fill out the contact form and we’ll get you on the right path!

1 hour phone consult = $100

Are you stuck on some aspect of your business and want some guidance?  Send me an email via the contact page and we can schedule a consultation.

Custom model of your business: $495

I will build a custom, projection-oriented PnL unique to your business.  This is a complete financial model of all of your business activities and when used diligently month after month will give you an accurate snapshot of your business’ health.  This tool is absolutely critical when deciding to make decisions in your business (pricing decisions, compensation decisions, whether or not to expand, etc) and will allow you to make these decisions with a full understanding of all associated financial ramifications. Requires current and accurate bookkeeping as well as revenue reports from MBO or other similar business management software. We will spend an hour on the phone upfront discussing your business and structure.  You will then collect and send me the required revenue and expense data.  After I build your model we will spend another hour on the phone as I teach you how to use this tool to best effect.

Accountability package: $895

Includes the custom model of your business described above as well as 12 additional follow up phone calls, (30 minutes once per month for 1 year).  This package is designed to keep you accountable.  If you are like most microgym/fitness studio owners you are juggling far too many balls and you likely wait until the end of the year to get your books together, or maybe pull it off each quarter at best! This package will keep you on top of your business’ financial picture each month! You will be required to come to our monthly follow up phone sessions with your books and custom PnL up to date.  The power of the custom PnL is based on you actually using it. If you know yourself to be of procrastinating nature then this option will be best for you.  There’s no procrastinating when you have a deadline and an appointment to keep.  And I can be mean if you don’t do your homework :)